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picture-bingo.jpg 100 words from basic vocabulary
Picture-Bingo (pdf)

What kind of game:
Bingo is adapted for teaching children foreign languages (it is available in German, Spanish, French, Italian and English). Reading the rules of this game we would rather call it a tombola, raffle or lotto. It does not follow exactly the rules of the original bingo game.

Use in teaching foreign languages:
vocabulary: 100 words from basic vocabulary
it trains listening comprehension, reading and pronunciation
grammar: Articles

A 1.1

Group size:
School class (up to 32 players)

More than one group possible?
Yes, if the set of word cards and Bingo- boards are divided in groups such that the words match the boards.

10-20 minutes

Contents of the game:
100 cards with a picture printed on one side, the matching word with the article on the other, 32 big Bingo-boards printed on each side with six words, instructions with further suggestions

What is it about:
Bingo (rather a tombola/ raffle or lotto) with words/ pictures for the categories animals (20), colours (11), shapes (4), food (16), furniture (13), weather and nature (10), clothes (14), toys (4), transport (6), school (2)
Every Bingo-board has six fields. S/he who has heard and completed all six words on his board wins.

Variations and our experience with the game:
Our groups have not been very large, so that every player gets two Bingo-boards at the same time and is challenged to concentrate on 12 fields.
We let each student read some words out loud as well, so that they can practise the pronunciation. If someone does not know a word, the other students are encouraged to point at it on their boards.
Before playing the game, the teacher should think of bringing some plastic chips to place on the fields (jelly bears are very popular amongst the students, but coins or six little paper balls are also quickly at hand).
Other games can be played with the picture/word cards, too, e.g. “Koffer packen” (packing a suitcase), guessing a word with maximum 10 Yes/ No questions, telling or writing stories

Our valuation:
+ the cards are printed on both sides and allow the group to choose how they want to play the game (the challenge varies with each side)
+ the instructions contain all vocabulary and some more suggestions for playing and practising
+ everybody knows Bingo and the rules do not need a lenghthy explanation

– The game is designed for children and therefore the pictures are a little bit childish. We like the game anyway, because the choice of words is the best of all picture bingos we know.

– There are plastic chips missing to place on the Bingo-board fields, ticking the heard words

1999 published by ELI (European Language Institute in Italy)

Further comments:
The game is available in German (Bilder-Bingo), Spanish (Bingo Ilustrado), French (Bingo-Image) and Italian (Tombola Illustrata). The same publisher has also a Number-Bingo.

Here you can find the games

Price category: 3

Watch also our german description


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